fall-sick-season-remedy‘Tis the season for sicknesses. Germs are everywhere – everyone is coughing, sneezing, sniffling their noses. YUCK.


Unless you’re a superhuman, it is inevitable that you are going to catch something at some point.
But don’t fear, I have THE BEST thing for you to take when you feel like you’re starting to come down with something.
Enter: elderberry syrup-based medicine. I could go on about this stuff for days, but it really only needs two words to describe it: miracle worker.
Here is the one that I’ve used, although there are many other fabulous options out there, even elderberry gummies!
When I start to feel a sore throat, or am feeling a cold coming on, I take a couple shots of this and wake up the next morning feeling 100% better.
Extra benefit: this stuff tastes DELICIOUS. Not disgusting like cough syrup, but like tasty berries.


This kit helps me get through some sick times. Here are its contents:
  1. Elderberry syrup or gummies. I seriously want to tell everyone I know about this stuff. SO amazing.
  2. Numi mint tea. I love this stuff whether I’m sick or not – I have at least 1 cup of it every day. BEST mint tea I’ve found.
  3. Face mask. This particular mask is Mario Badescu’s Super Collagen Mask, but really any mask will do. A mask leaves you feeling refreshed at a time when you’re feeling so yuck.
  4. Comfortable loungewear. I love these shorts not only because they’re adorable, but also because they are super comfortable. The last thing you want to deal with when you’re sick is fussy, uncomfortable clothing. Go out and get yourself some nice loungewear, for sickness and otherwise.



I would love to hear what your go-tos are when you aren’t feeling well!

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