Like any other girl, I had dreamt of someday visiting Paris. Movies, books, pictures, stories from others who had travelled – the build-up of this place had become so huge I wondered if I would arrive in Paris disappointed that it wasn’t what everyone had said. 

In reality, I felt Paris was far more grand than my wildest dreams. I was lucky enough to visit there with the love of my life, so that certainly upped the fairy tale aspect of it. Everything was more beautiful and wonderful than I had imagined, from the Eiffel Tower right down to the coffee.

Here are the highlights from day 1:

Of course I had to eat a Nutella crepe in front of the carousel from Amelie in Montmarte.

The day began with a crepe overflowing with Nutella in Montmarte next to one of the many beautiful Parisian carousels – this one straight out of the lovely movie Amelie. 

Next on to Notre Dame, where I secretly hoped I would find a hunchback hiding in the towers. 

Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

No hunchback, but certainly gargoyles guarding the exquisite architecture that truly takes your breath away. 

State of Charlemagne

And right next to the Cathedral, Charlemagne still reigns. 

Shakespeare & Co

I was born loving books, so it has been a long time coming that I visit this epic bookstore. Shakespeare & Co was a reader’s dream – nooks to spend an afternoon hiding away in the most wonderful stories and even a lovely piano to play a tune or two. 

Per many recommendations, I purchased the book “All the Light We Cannot See” here and of course had it marked with the official Shakespeare & Co stamp.

 Seine River

All the bridges crossing the Seine are picture-perfect, but this one felt especially so with Notre Dame towering in the background. We walked back and forth across the bridges a thousand times; I could easily do it a million more and never tire of the views.

The Stunning Eiffel Tower

And oh, the Eiffel Tower. It was far more spectacular than I thought – the sheer size of it was overwhelming. I was agape whenever it came into sight, and I still have not stopped marveling at this beauty. 

The Eiffel Tower

We somehow managed not only one, but TWO successful “organic” selfies (my made-up name meaning a selfie without one of those damned selfie sticks). 

Love Is In the Air

This entire day was spent on Cloud 9, and 20 miles (literally – I have a tracking app) of walking in heeled boots later, I wanted to rewind time and do it all over again.

My next post: more from the rest of our Paris trip!

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