I cannot believe July has already begun. Sometimes times seems to move slowly, but lately it has been flying by. I am finding myself more busy than I am used to, which is fantastic! I always prefer to have more things going on rather than being bored, so the busyness is definitely warmly welcomed.

Unfortunately, with the increase of things on my calendar, I have had trouble carving out the time to really sit down and write a proper post. I have been pleased with my consistency on posting here and you guys seem to really be enjoying it, so I apologize for my falling behind schedule lately. 

Gardens of Omni La Costa Resort - San Diego

I have been completely enveloped in a new business project (which I will be sharing with you in a post down the road when it’s all set for reveal), which is exhilarating! I am so excited about the work I have been doing, but I just mentally have not had the energy to write here. 

The balance of my schedule is getting better and so I plan to go back to my regular posting here. 

The pictures in this post are from the spa garden at Omni La Costa Resort. It was such an incredibly gorgeous and peaceful place. With all the hustle and bustle lately, I’ve been really wishing I could transport back for a day at the spa. Especially to experience the reflexology path. The science behind reflexology is fascinating and I will definitely be reading up on it more before my next trip to Omni La Costa. 

The Reflexology Path at the Spa at Omni La Costa

Rocks of Reflexology Path at Omni La Costa spa

Hopefully my regular blog posts will be up and running soon as I get a better handle on managing my time with this new project. I certainly have missed posting on here and hearing from you guys! 

I will be going on a really fun and exciting trip next week so I am really excited to share that with you upon my return!

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