Found some more personal, not-so-scenic pictures from Amsterdam I thought I would share.

Love on the canal

Our canal cruise consisted of friends, wine, and chocolate. Could I have asked for more? I think not.

Canal Cruise Amsterdam

My cousin Mark flew in from Italy to meet us here, and we were so happy he did. He adds a whole new level of fun to adventuring in a foreign city.

Can’t wait to rendezvous somewhere again soon!

Battle scars on the canal cruise

My beautiful Montana friend Alette Elizabeth is fortunate enough to live in the gorgeous city of Amsterdam, and I was fortunate enough to spend a couple days with her.

She’s a fantastic musician and is always down for wine and chocolate.

Another canal shot

Although we failed in getting pictures elsewhere in Amsterdam, it appears we certainly were snapping away on our canal cruise.

Jazz bar texts and gin

Gin & tonics and texting at a jazz bar in the city.

Blurry jazz bar

The quality of the pictures failed as the night went on.

Sometimes when traveling you lose sight of the pictures and focus more on the moment.

And I’m completely okay with that. 

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