Hanny's at Night

I love finding new places in the Valley. Phoenix is so enormous and the neighborhoods are so vastly different from each other. I feel as if I could live here for years and still have so many places left to discover.

One such place was shown to us last week by some friends: Hanny’s – a wonderfully strange bar/restaurant in downtown Phoenix. At first glance, it seemed like a classy bar of the 1950s, but with further investigation, we came across beautifully weird surprises.

Mannequin at Hanny's

Hanny’s was originally a department store, and this mannequin must been a leftover from those days. She has been bedazzled and “dolled” up since her department store days, and now stands at the entrance of the restaurant.

Doll heads

We grabbed one of Hanny’s specialty cocktails (which are incredible – Moscow Mules made with absinthe!) and began adventuring around.

Playing with Mirrors

Strange window statue

But the basement was absolutely terrifying. I do not know the story behind this “exhibit,” nor why people throw pennies at them, but these dolls have been haunting my nightmares since I laid eyes on them.

Creepy Dolls 

Hanny’s is a must-see. Their cocktails are incredible (I hear their pizza is too), but the decor alone gives you plenty of entertainment.

See for yourself over at

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  • Reply Beth McDonald January 5, 2017 at 11:01 pm

    Dear Leslie,
    Love your Hanny’s piece. My memories of Hanny’s exceed 50 years. Gabby’s was the children’s part of Hanny’s and I can still remember dresses (purchased for special occasions) that I dearly loved. Thanks for stirring those sweet memories. Love, Beth

    • Reply Leslie Hughes January 8, 2017 at 12:52 pm

      That is so wonderful, Beth! I love hearing that! Wish I could have seen Hanny’s in its glorious department store days 🙂

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