Hi guys. I know I disappeared from the blog about a month ago. I feel like I should say “sorry,” but I’m not going to. Honestly, I’m not sorry.

I have really been living life–up, down, and all around–and things just got crazy busy.

But I like busy. Busy to me is good. I find I am so much more creative, productive, and happy when I am busy. However, sometimes you just don’t have time for things when you’re busy and for the past month, the thing I just didn’t have time for was my blog.

As I’m getting my busyness more organized, (currently obsessed with the concept of bullet journaling — I will have to let you know once I’ve tried it out) I’m working in more time to write here because I love sharing things with you guys!

Speaking of sharing, I have some exciting things that happened over the past month that I am really looking forward to talking about here. Meeting one my design icons, traveling to my favorite city, and getting ready for my favorite holiday: Christmas!



But for now, I’m going back to a few weeks ago when Reed and I decided to hike the highest peak in Arizona, Humphrey’s Peak. It measures in at a whopping 12,633 feet and wow it felt like it!

I love to hike and (used to) hike regularly, but never anything like this. My hikes have been pretty easy, couple-hour hikes. Nothing too fancy or challenging.

In other words, I was in for a treat with Humphrey’s Peak.

First of all, we started the trail head (duh) which was at 9,000 feet. I had just come from Phoenix where we are pretty much at sea level. The first little bit I was quite out of breath, but after a while started to get my breathing more on track.

We kept climbing and climbing. Thank god we had read about the hike ahead of time and knew going into it that there were 3 false summits. Otherwise I may have died of frustration.

I was actually fairly pleased at my hiking abilities, but things changed when we reached 11,000 feet. I felt so exhausted I honestly thought I could have laid down and taken a nap right there. So we rested for a few minutes. I snacked on some RXBARS and was ready for more.

Finally we reached the top and it was incredible. You can see the Grand Canyon from up here!

And to just know I had accomplished something I hadn’t done before was quite exhilarating.

The last hour of the hike, I was over it. Ready to be drinking hot cocoa and patting myself on the back for my accomplishment.

In all, the hike was about 11 miles and took nearly 6 hours to complete. I was feelin’ good.


It feels good to be back on here and I am super excited to share more with you guys. Stay tuned for some exciting upcoming stuff!



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