Squaw Peak, Phoenix Arizona. Get out | stretch out

Do you ever reach the point that you honestly think you can no longer stare at a glowing screen without your head exploding?

Lately that feeling has become far too familiar for me.

To try and combat this terrible feeling, I know what I need to do: make more of an effort to get outdoors. Exercise is an incredible thing and I incorporate some form of exercise into nearly every day, but that in itself does not reverse the 8 hours a day I spend sitting (I am cringing as I type this, but such is the life of an office job).

Many layers of Squaw Peak, Phoenix Arizona. Get out | stretch out

Working out indoors sometimes just isn’t enough and I find my body craving the natural outdoors. The sunshine, the fresh air, and the open spaces are a nice relief from the world of computers, internet, walls and air conditioning.

Venturing outdoors does far more than bring up my heart rate and stretch out my cramped limbs; venturing outdoors refreshes my mind. 

Cactus high atop Squaw Peak, Phoenix Arizona. get out | stretch out

I am guilty of getting caught up sometimes in the routines of life and then wonder by the end of the week why I feel so exhausted and honestly, unfilled. The first thing I ask myself is how much time I spent outside. Ninety-nine percent of the time, the amount of time I spent outside that week correlates with how happy I feel. 

I don’t always have the time or energy for a big hike and I would be embarrassed to tell you the last time I went for a run, but I am making it a top priority to carve out time every day to walk away from my computer, put down my phone, and completely unplug so I can reap the full benefits of being outside.

It’s okay if it’s something small. Last night I felt the anxious feeling that comes on with too much computer time, so I left all my electronics inside and stepped just out our back door to the patio where I sat and worked on an old-fashioned crossword puzzle.

Sitting out there hearing the sounds of nature – as opposed to the buzzing of technology – really allowed me to hit “refresh” and relieve my technology-induced stress.

A break at the top of Squaw Peak, Phoenix Arizona. get out | stretch out

By refreshing your body and mind, you reconnect to the things that are most important in your life – you and your loved ones.

I know I will never be able to achieve my dreams without making sure I have a strong and healthy relationship with myself and my support system. 

Many of my dreams (and I’m sure yours as well) require heavy use of computers and phones so I’m not telling you to completely rid your life of them; I am just here to remind you to find time to check out – to close your eyes, feel the sun on your face, take a deep breath, and smile. Life is beautiful!

Squaw Peak, Phoenix Arizona. Get out | stretch out

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  • Reply Zoraya Bracamonte May 25, 2016 at 2:41 pm

    Vitamin D, a nice tan, nature, fresh air… there are many benefits of the outdoors and not only here in the valley, but there are many other places near the valley that we can enjoy. This weekend I am planning to go to Sedona! I am so excited!!!! hopefuly my husband and kid will like it.

    • Reply Leslie Hughes May 25, 2016 at 3:30 pm

      Oh my gosh I LOVE Sedona! I lived there a couple years ago and it was so incredible. The perfect weather and just such positive vibes. You will have to show me pictures when you return! xx

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