Colorado is known by everyone for its epic ski resorts. People travel from all over to experience the thrill of skiing right out the door of your resort to the stellar slopes of the gorgeous Rocky Mountains.
What I didn’t know, though, was that these ski resorts are just as lively in the summer as they are in the winter.
“What is there to do at a ski resort in the summer?” you may ask. Keep reading to see the adventures I embarked on as a guest of Beaver Creek Lodge in Beaver Creek, Colorado this past July.

The Wild West

What better way to start off a trip to the Wild West than a good ol’ rodeo?
This one was set against the gorgeous mountains and was full of real deal cowboys, barrel-racing beauties, and some fine champagne (proudly “Made in the U.S.A.” American champagne, rather).

Colorado Rodeo - Beaver Creek Lodge

Ladies at the Rodeo - Beaver Creek Lodge

The ladies of our crew (minus 1, Brittany!) loving the rodeo. These ladies were so incredibly wonderful – I had such a blast adventuring with them while in Colorado!


Horseback Riding

I hadn’t been horseback riding since I was a young girl and once I got on this horse, I did not want to get off. Trotting through the picture-perfect mountains atop my horse Hot Rod beats skiing any day, in my book. I suppose it’s true: you can take the girl out of Montana, but you can’t take the Montana out of the girl.

Horseback Riding - Beaver Creek Lodge

Horseback Riding - Beaver Creek Lodge

Horseback Riding - Beaver Creek Lodge


With its extensive range of mountains, Colorado has some incredible hikes available for all levels of hikers. We hopped over to Vail to do some hiking and it was absolutely wonderful.
First we rode the gondola up a large part of the mountain (I know – obvi not true hikers) and the views were stunning!

HIking - Beaver Creek Colorado

We had a wonderful hiking guide who shared with us some great tips for hiking such as the proper way to breathe, the best way to step when you’re hiking uphill, and the best way to step when you’re hiking downhill. He also taught us about some of the trees in the area and the wildlife as well.


So I was totally obsessed with riding the gondolas. I pretended like I was in James Bond’s Moonraker where Jaws and James get in a fight on the gondola.
Only neither Jaws nor James were there.
Regardless, I loved riding these things and up down the mountain for the opportunity to get lost in the beautiful views.

Gondola - Beaver Creek Lodge

I for some reason thought a closed-eye selfie was a cute idea . . .

Gondola Selfie - Beaver Creek Lodge



I experienced 2 different types of rafts while on this trip.
The first one came in the form of this snow tube I used to ride down this faux grass slide.
And yes, it was as fun as it looks.

Beaver Creek Colorado

The other type of rafting experience was white water rafting – my first time! Truthfully I was terrified. I’ve always had a fear of drowning (the result of growing up in a landlocked state, maybe?)
But once we got going, it was great and I found myself wishing we had more intense rapids to navigate around.
We all look pretty dorky here, but this is the only pic I have of our whole crew!

White Water Rafting - Beaver Creek Colorado


Shopping and Eating

We were on the go during most of our stay here, so I didn’t do much shopping, but did have a chance to appreciate the cute buildings of Beaver Creek.

Beaver Creek Colorado

There was certainly no shortage of delicious food on this trip and below is just one of the many many desserts I indulged in.

Dessert Beaver Creek Colorado

We did far more than I showed here on the trip and I am still blown away by how much there is to do during the summer at a ski resort!
A huge thank you to Beaver Creek Lodge for hosting me for this incredible trip. I hope to return soon, maybe this time in the winter to see what the skiing hullabaloo is all about.

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