One good thing about adventuring around London solo was museuming. I LOVE museums.

But I also get bored with some, so visiting them alone allowed me to pop in and out if I wanted, or stay for hours. 

The first museum I visited was the British Museum. And wow. It set the bar quite high, and no museum I saw for the rest of my visit quite filled me with the joy that the British Museum did.

Audio Tour at British Museum

Since I was alone, I opted for the audio tour in the hopes of learning more about British history. To be honest, I was hoping that the tour would be a bit different and I ended up not using it much.

The disappointment in the audio tour did not put a damper on the visit, however.

Statue at British Museum

British Museum lion statue

Ancient Egypt at British Museum

The statues scattered throughout the Museum were so massive and incredible. This ancient Egyptian was one of my favorites. 

Audio Tour selfie

Blurry selfie of me rockin the audio tour. The lady’s voice was quite nice, I must admit. Love those London accents.

Beautiful stone mask

Reliquary holding thorn from Crown of Thorns

This is a reliquary that holds a thorn thought to be from the Crown of Thorns. Having just come from Fatima, Portugal – one of the Catholic capitals of the world – this was particularly interesting to me. 

Trends are cyclical

A gold body chain with coins from around 370 AD.

Fun to see the original inspiration for current body chain trends. 

Rosetta Stone

And the star of the Museum – a piece of the Rosetta Stone. 

As a lover of words, getting to see a marvel like this was truly breathtaking. Dating back to 196 BC, the Rosetta Stone unlocked the mystery of hieroglyphs. So incredible.

After over 4 hours of getting lost in the Museum, I was overwhelmed. There was so much I didn’t see; I cannot wait to someday return and uncover more hidden mysteries of British history. 

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