Any of you that know me know that I love all things space. I still dream of becoming an astronaut someday. 

Here is a picture of me on my birthday 2 years ago. When my boyfriend asked me how I wanted to celebrate, I told him I wanted to go to an observatory.

Flagstaff Observatory

So, when I discovered that London had a Science Museum, I jetted right over there to check out their space exhibits.

The amount of excitement running through my veins as I stepped into the museum was so great that I should have been embarrassed by the giddy grin on my face. I was completely in my own world, though, and cared not that I was the lone girl running to the space exhibit.   

Exploring Space


Because England doesn’t have its own space program, most of the exhibit consisted of items from the American and Russian space programs.

Piece of moon rock

This piece of moon rock was quite a site. 

Apollo 10 space pod

The command module from the Apollo 10 mission.


A beautiful display of a retired satellite.

The rest of the Science Museum was more catered towards children (which is great – yay for getting kids excited about science!), but a bit different than what I had hoped, so I didn’t stay too long past my space exploration.

On my walk back to catch the bus, I had a wonderful surprise – I happened upon the Natural History Museum! I obviously had to stop.

Red Tunnel into Natural History Museum

This is what welcomed me into the museum, and transported me back to the beginning of the Earth . . . 

Earth's past


Talk to Me

I loved the neat messages within the exhibits spread all about the museum.

Darwin's butterflies

Some of Darwin’s gorgeous butterflies. And my boots. 

More Natural History Museum

The interior of the Natural History Museum was incredibly ornate. The size and intricacy of it was breathtaking. That seems to be a common theme among the sites I’ve visited on my travels – things overseas truly are built to “wow.”

Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum is too gorgeous

I sat on those stairs for a while taking it all in. Such a peaceful and beautiful place to take a break and think.

exterior of Natural History Museum

The outside of the museum was just as impressive as the inside. The construction of this colossal building was completed in 1880 and since then, it has remained one of the greatest natural history museums in the world. 

Another successful museum day in the books!

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