With London Fashion Week happening this past week and posts popping everywhere making me green with envy for those attending, I have decided to post a far too delayed visual report of my time in London with one of my favorite British fashionistas: Miss Georgina Hart (you must check out her blog over at: )

Georginia was lovely enough to meet up with me in London and show me around some of the beautiful sites. Over a couple of days we visited some wonderful places.


We started out at this delicious Lebanese restaurant for some lunch – Comptoir.

This place has the most delicious neon-colored pickles I have ever had! You MUST go try them! There are a handful of Comptoir locations all around London.

Georgina at lunch

Miss Georgina – isn’t she stunning?!

Later that week we ventured to the famous Bourough Market which was incredibly overwhelming! SO much delicious food!

bourough market

fresh birds at borough market

“Fresh” birds!

Then, as the book nerd I am, I wanted to check out the British Library. It was definitely not a disappointment (other than the fact that many areas were only allowed to British residents holding a library card).

British Library

The British Library is the largest library in the world (in terms of number of books cataloged).

The photo above is the King’s Library – the collection of King George III.

Next we journeyed to the Tate Modern museum. I am not a huge fan of modern art, but I really fancied the structure of the museum.

Tate Modern I

We had fun playing around in the basement area.

Tate Modern III

Tate Modern II

This was a neat exhibit that gathered dirt from around London to see if anything could grow in these conditions. As you can see, not much luck to be had with that here.

Tate Modern IV

Eyeing some of the art. Honestly, I was not impressed by the collection at Tate, but thought the building was quite interesting and certainly iconic.

Thank you to Georginia for showing me such a lovely time in London! You must visit her page if you have a moment – she is studying fashion design and her work is incredible! This is an example of why I love the blogging community so much – I would never have met this lovely girl and had such a great time sightseeing in London otherwise.

I can’t wait to visit again someday soon!

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