This is Part II of my exciting things from August. In this post I talk about the first one – my 29th birthday.
The second exciting even in August was more monumental than my birthday — I launched my writing and editing business, Copy Girl.

Copy Girl

How it all started . . .

When I first moved to Phoenix a couple of years ago, I was feeling quite lost. I wasn’t sure what type of career I wanted to have and was struggling to find things that ignited even the smallest spark in me.
I was so envious of those that had work they were so passionate about that they could get lost in it for hours, never pausing to take a look at their phone or think about anything but that project they were so intensely engrossed in.
In my black hole of a search for jobs in Phoenix, I randomly came across a posting for an internship at a Phoenix publication. “Hmmm,” I thought. “I like reading magazines. My degree is in English. Maybe I could give this a shot?”
Nearly everyone I know told me not to do it – that I was crazy to work for free with no job guarantees upon completion of the internship.
But I did it anyway. And looking back, it was one of the best decisions I ever made. I produced some great pieces and finally had some published work to prove I was actually capable of writing something that someone wanted to read.
Most importantly, I discovered that I loved doing this type of writing. Unfortunately, I quickly realized that making a living this way is a crap shoot. Being a “creative” does not always lead to reliable work. Thankfully, though, I am also somewhat OCD left-brained, so I started trying to think of ways to put this love for writing coupled with my perfectionist self to good use.
In my work as a tutor, I had edited essays and such for years. For some reason I found marking up a page with red pen quite enjoyable. I began editing others’ projects here and there following my internship, and finally the lightbulb went on: “I should start an editing and writing business!”

And thus, Copy Girl was born.

It didn’t start out as Copy Girl. It started out as Ampersand. But, after explaining to a number of people that “ampersand” is simply the name for the “&” sign, I figured I should reconsider the name.
After weeks of name generating done by myself and others, the name “Copy Girl” became my shining star.

Then it was time to build a website.

In retrospect, I probably should have hired someone to do this. As a perfectionist, I cannot tell you how many times I asked Reeds’ opinions on things to have him say: “You’re overthinking it, Leslie. I really don’t think people will notice.” But would notice, so it had to be (almost) perfect (I ended up settling for a bit less than perfect, as I’m sure you’ll see.)
As someone whose only website experience lays in the modification of simple template layouts, the Copy Girl website was quite the challenge. I learned a lot in the process, however, and will continue tweaking the website until it is truly perfect.

About the business . . .

As Copy Girl, I work with clients on a variety of things. From writing blog posts to editing books; from creating content for a website to running social media accounts, and much more in between, I am in love with the work that I do.
I finally get to be one of those people that can get totally engrossed in my work. Check that #lifegoal off my list.
I have worked with some wonderful people so far and am seriously excited about all the other opportunities that will come down the road.

If you know of anyone in need of any writing or editing, please send them my way!

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