Living in the middle of the desert makes a vacation to the ocean an incredible treat.

Thus, prior to our trip to San Diego, I had planned in my mind all the things we were going to do take full advantage of our time in the gorgeous coastal area. Between the resort and the beach, every moment would be filled with exciting things!

Upon our arrival to Omni La Costa, all my plans flew right out the window. Immediately I felt this wave of relaxation rush over me, leaving me wanting to do nothing but plug into a zen mindset and remain there for the next 3 days. 

Which is exactly what I did!

Overcast and loving it at Omni La Costa Resort - relaxing on vacation

It was overcast and 65 degrees the whole time we were in California – the wonderful people at the resort kept apologizing for the weather. But I was absolutely loving it. Phoenix really gets no break from the sun so I was thrilled to have a few days’ respite.

Omni La Costa was a really wonderful place to relax.  Our visit coincided with the Memorial Day rush, but the property was so huge that there were tons of places to find peace, like the adults-only pool area that overlooked one of the resort’s golf courses.

Fireside on the patio of Omni La Costa - relaxing on vacation

Patio Furniture at Omni La Costa

I feel you can get so much enjoyment out of a vacation by really slowing down and taking a moment to appreciate the little things. Jobs nowadays allow for very little time away, thus making the things that you don’t do on vacation just as important as the things that you do do. 

Sometimes it’s better to skip that 8 a.m. tee time and instead order room service to enjoy your breakfast in your robe on the patio. Rather than rushing to the yoga class you’ve guilted yourself into from all the culinary treats you’ve been indulging in, take a walk around and breathe in the different air, listen to the sounds of the area’s wildlife, and do exactly what it is you want to do at that moment.

There are not enough times in life that we get to do exactly what we want, so take advantage of the opportunity while on vacation!

The view of one of the golf courses at Omni La Costa - relaxing on vacation

One of the biggest things drawing me back to Omni La Costa for another visit is the resort’s Chopra Center, founded by Deepak Chopra himself. 

 I didn’t try out the center while I was there (saving it for an excuse to go back), but have heard incredible things about its offerings. The center offers programs that focus on physical and mental well-being and include incredible classes, events, ayurvedic spa treatments, etc.

It seems to be the perfect place to completely unplug and unwind, and revive your mind and body.

The Chopra Center at Omni La Costa - relaxing on vacation

Gorgeous buildings of Omni La Costa

I left California with a feeling of guilt – that I should have done more while I was there. I should have taken more pictures. I should have taken tennis lessons. I should have eaten less dessert. Then I shook away these thoughts. I did exactly what I wanted to do to make this vacation truly a vacation from stress and responsibilities.

The lack of a strict itinerary was crucial to my full enjoyment of my time away. I suggest you give it a try sometime – even if you are someone who is all about packing your vacations to the brim with adventure.

There are times when we need thrilling adventures, and there are times when we need to just stroll through the days of escape from everyday life.

Thank you so much to Omni La Costa for hosting us!

Look for a post about  Omni La Costa’s spa and my thoughts on spas next week!

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