Although I live in Phoenix where it is summer year-round (we are currently making international headlines with our record-setting 118-degree weather this past weekend), and I no longer have summer break like the days of yore, Summer Solstice will forever hold great meaning.

As a child, I believed in fairies. I held them high up on a pedestal in my mind, right next to (if not above) Santa Claus.

Every Summer Solstice Eve my mother, my sisters, and I spent hours preparing miniature portions of food for the solstice fairies that would pay a visit to our home.

I never saw the fairies, but never doubted for a moment their existence.

This preparation for the fairies’ solstice feast is one of my favorite memories. It always felt so wonderful and so magical to believe that our creations for the feast would fuel the fairies to keep the spirit of summer alive.

While, sadly, I no longer believe in fairies, I do still believe in the magic of the Solstice that they represent. It is a time of renewal, of finding excitement and opportunity in your life. To me, Summer Solstice means optimism – a fresh perspective on your entire being.

Selfie on the streets of Carlsbad, San Diego

I am going to try to look at myself through different lenses than I have before, to see what new exciting things I can bring into my life.

And I am going to look at the world outside of me through different lenses as well. I keep catching myself getting bored with routine, but then remember it is truly all about perspective. It doesn’t have to be routine if I don’t look at it as such.

Incredible California ocean sunset

Summer Solstice is the reminder that each day brings new and wonderful opportunities.

Selfie with La Jolla California sea kayakers

My love on the beach, Carlsbad California

And the magic of Summer Solstice is even stronger this year as it is paired with the Full Strawberry Moon. 

Beach of Carlsbad - San Diego

So what are you waiting for?

The Solstice fairies are all around us, so soak up some of their spirit and prepare for the exciting changes ahead!

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