{ M O N T A N A  A T  C H R I S T M A S }

I love surprises. The thrill of guessing, of not knowing. Also the realization that someone took the time to come up with a surprise for you is a nice feeling. That sounds quite conceited, but really — doesn’t it make you feel special? The surprise doesn’t have to be anything big. It could be as simple as surprising you with a pint of your favorite ice cream (well, to me that is an epic surprise).

My little sister planned a surprise for our family when we were home for Christmas and I’ve really been thinking about how much it meant in a bigger picture scheme.

She had asked us to block off 5 hours one day, and to dress warmly, which honestly shook all of us a bit. My dad was worried about being away from the stock markets for that long; my sister and her husband, 5 days shy of the birth of their new baby girl, were worried about the possibility the baby could come earlier than planned; my mom was worried about being able to get our big Christmas Eve dinner together in time; and I was worried about missing work and honestly, being cold. Ha. Montana girl who hates being cold. Probably why I migrated to the desert.

We soon found out that the surprise was a sleigh ride, which was something I had never done before. Was I allowed to call myself a real Montana girl?

We headed up to Double Arrow Resort where we filled ourselves with hot cocoa before loading up on the sleigh (with layers of blankets on top, obvi) and setting out into the gorgeous Montana snow. And let me tell you — the sleigh ride could not have been more picturesque. It had already snowed a great deal, so everywhere you looked it was white with green trees poking out. And it was also snowing during the sleigh ride.


{ O U R  S L E I G H  P U L L E R S }

Sitting in that sleigh with nothing but each other (okay, and our phones to capture photos of my adorable niece), was just amazing. Out the window went all of our worries and our hesitations about this “surprise.” We all absolutely loved this time with each other, and is something we want to make an annual family tradition.


{ M Y  H E L L A – P R E G N A N T  S I S ,  H E R  E P I C A L L Y  A D O R A B L E  D A U G H T E R ,  & M E  L O V I N G  L I F E }


{ T H E  B R A I N S  B E H I N D  T H E  O P ER A T I O N  ( M Y  L I T T L E  S I S ),  M Y  B R O T H E R – I N – L A W ,  &   M Y  M O M M A }

What really sealed the deal was an incredible dinner in the lodge post-sleigh ride, staring out into the beautiful Montana winter wonderland.

With my little sister and I living away from Montana, and all of us so busy with our own lives, our time together is really valuable. And I loved the added value that this sleigh ride time away from stresses and worries gave all of us. I even forgot for a while that I was cold!


{ M Y  W O L F  P A C K }

So consider surprising someone you love — it doesn’t have to be a trip to Iceland (but if that’s an option, then go for it!).

Make someone feel special. A little surprise can go a long way.


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